December 29, 2005
Controlling a SlingPlayer with a remote      Email this entry 

This is not really a joke or a funny video, but I thought I'd publish it since it might be useful for some folks.

The Slingbox, an amazing little box

I have finished setting up a system on which I can control a SlingPlayer with a remote to change channels on my ReplayTV even if I�m thousands of miles away from my living room! For those that don't know, the Slingbox is an amazing device that allows you to watch your TV (live or recorded) from anywhere where you have an Internet connection. For more details, point your browser to:

Below I publish instructions on how to use a remote control with your SlingPlayer to control a ReplayTV.

The Keyspan Digital Media remote control

For another article, where I describe how to control multiple devices with one Slingbox, click here. For the rest of the instructions see below.

Let the fun start

Below you can find some notes on how to control your SlingPlayer with a remote. The original idea was posted on the Sling Community web site:

Computer Remote control for Slingplayer

On 10/3/2005, Gunther said:
I have been using a remote from keyspan for a few months now. It is perfect for controling my tivo over the slingbox, output to my TV. You need to program it, but after that is works very welll. It is just like being home. (The US that is!) Price is around $30.


Gunther posted a link to the Keyspan remote control:

Here�s what it looks like:

It comes with a USB �base� that you plug into your laptop or desktop and a remote control. Once you configure everything, here�s what you might look like when controlling your ReplayTV through the SlingPlayer, even thousands of miles away from home:

Here are the steps you�ll need to execute to get such a system working:

1) Purchase a Keyspan Digital Media Remote Control. You can buy one for $30 directly from the Keyspan website � OR � you can search for one on eBay.

2) Download and install the latest Windows software for your Keyspan remote from here

3) I have already mapped the keys on the Keyspan remote to the functions for a SlingPlayer controlling a ReplayTV. Click here to download the file.

Right click on the above link, choose �Save As�� and save it in �C:\Program Files\Keyspan\Remote�. You�ll then have the file in the �C:\Program Files\Keyspan\Remote� directory as shown below:

Note: For other devices, you�ll need to map the keys yourself. If you have created a map file for other devices controlled through SLINGPLAYER.EXE and you�d like to make it available to others, send your .MAP file to, with a subject of �Keyspan MAP file for Slingplayer�. Let me know which device you�re controlling.

4) Click on Start > All Programs > Keyspan Remote > Remote Assistant.
a. Click on �Open Map Editor�
b. Click on Settings > Map File > KDMR17-Slingplayer
c. Under �Actions For Application�, choose �SLINGPLAYER.EXE�.
d. Uncheck �Show Details�.

You should then see the following:

Click �OK� and save the changes. Reload the mapper if needed.

That�s it! Now plug-in your Keyspan USB base, start your Slingplayer, connect to your Slingbox and start your ReplayTV. You can now change channels, pause, rewind, etc� from the comfort of your hotel bed. For the full list of remote keys you can use, see above.

Useful Links

Sling Media:
Sling Community:
Keyspan Remote:

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