January 18, 2003
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In his youth, the Lazy Bastard was quite an accomplished actor. In fact when he was 14 he was the star of a television commercial that featured mayonnaise and hamburgers.

Back in 1982 I was living in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I attended a bi-lingual school where courses were taught in Portuguese and French. An ad company was looking for someone who spoke these two languages fluently to represent a mayonnaise company ("Mayo Gourmet") in a national ad.

Out of over 300 kids, they picked the Lazy Bastard! The ad was shown nationally (in Brasil) on TV Globo, the 4th biggest TV network in the world (after ABC, NBC and CBS). I made $1,000.00 (US) for about 10 hours of work, but that was pretty much the end of my on-screen career (I know work "behind the screens").

I stumbled upon an old tape of the ad, and using my new ReplayTV 5040 and ReplayPC, I was able to copy and edit this art jewel in literally minutes.

The video below is half in Portuguese and half in French and is more of a private screening for family and friends - but you may peak in if you wish.

Hamburger Ad, TV Globo
Emmanuel Huna (the Lazy Bastard)
Sao Paulo, Brasil, 1982


The video above is in a low resolution - but it should work even with a 56k connection . Here are additional formats if you have a higher speed:

WMV278 Kb160x120
RM (56Kb - modem)313 Kb350x250
WMV2.6 Mb320x240
RM (384 Kb - DSL)3.3 Mb350x250
WMV9.3 Mb540x780
WMV10.3 Mb720x480

Feel free to download any of the above files - (right click and choose "Save As") and let me know what you think.

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